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Romans 12:21

8th May 2007, 3:27pm

"Be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good."

The evil of which I speak is World of Warcraft. Subscription ended and hasn't been recharged.

I have to tell you it feels very good. Finally got the chance to finish Resident Evil 4 (I know, a little late but hey.)

 Thats all for now. Peace out!

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www.smashmy(insert something here).com

23rd November 2006, 3:52am

These videos were shown to me by a friend.

Basically these guys take paypal donations, use them to go buy an electrical consumer good, and smash it.

So far they've done:
-Xbox 360 (At launch)
-Playstation 3 (Also at launch)
-Nintendo Wii (Yet again, at launch)

The launch videos are particularly funny, as the destroyers are found at the front of the line, usually the first to get their hands on the console. The most hilarious moments are when you hear a small voice make a comment like 'can I have your controller?'

I mean sure, there are thousands of family's that would kill for the chance to give one of these to their kids, and live below the poverty line, but the video's break some of society's "taboos" about expensive electronics, and can give you a laugh.

Check them out here

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Adventures in Warcraft part 2

26th October 2006, 2:38am
Everyone I know is breathing slightly easier after the date of Burning Crusade has been once again, delayed. We can now all resume our study in peace without fear of the lure of the expansion pack.

On another note, I've uninstalled WoW from my computer just in case I get the temptation to fail my exams.
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Adventures in Warcraft

11th September 2006, 6:01pm
Just a quick not to let everyone know of my displeasure with Blizzard.

Being a World of Warcraft player ( well very little at the moment leading up to exams) I am very disappointed with the expected release date of Burning Crusade, November 1st. Surely Blizzard would realise that releasing the game just before the bulk of people's exams has the potential to ruin lives!

I've already pre-ordered the game, so I suppose it will be up to me to hide the game from myself and study hard, before indulging and killing Illadin.
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Nintendo Again

23rd August 2006, 8:10pm

Just a quick follow up to my last blog entry, and tonight was the press conference by Nintendo entitled 'Wii prove our promise.'

As I said in my last blog, Nintendo have been playing mind games, and tonights press conference was no exception. Re-runs of old trailers was about the height of material anyone got. A demo of a few new games, but no Wii release information.

I mean, fair enough that we shouldn't have expected much from a mediocre games conference, but when you have a press conference called 'Wii keep our promise' well, people are going to expect a little more than some re-run trailers.

This witholding of information will be the death of Nintendo. Everyone had hyped this up so much, and everyone has now been disappointed by the results. People are going to be angry, and Nintendo is starting to dig itself a hole. If there's no info soon, Nintendo can kiss their fans goodbye.

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The Future of Nintendo

19th August 2006, 5:44pm
 People have pretty much considered Nintendo dead, or extremely near to after the Gamecube's third place performance in a three console race. With the Wii causing ripples already, the next generation of gaming consoles could be a very different story for Nintendo. The future is looking good so far, but to consolidate their place in this generation's console war, Nintendo will need to...:

Keep broadening their appeal. The Brain Games on DS have exploded worldwide, sent sales skyrocketing and have opened up a whole new market of older gamers for Nintendo. A few games like this for the Wii (maybe a fitness workout game, or something similar that could utilize the control features) and Nintendo can broaden their appeal even further.

-Continue pushing the innovation angle. The features of the DS (touch screen, microphone etc) have amazed people worldwide, and have given the system an edge over its main competitor, the PSP. With the introduction of the Wii's control capabilities, gamers worldwide are salivating, biding their time until the Wii's release.

The controller also has the more casual gamers excited as well. A friend of mine who can be quoted as calling the Gamecube 'childish' and 'pathetic,' has specifically told me he will buy a Wii over a PS3 or Xbox 360

-Create a more adult image – Maybe a new mascot. Sure Mario is the face of Nintendo, and I'm not suggesting making 'Super Mario Porn Stars,' but maybe put a few more screenshots of Red Steel here and there, rather than us always seeing little cartoon-ish characters playing tennis, or a plump plumber jumping on a turtle every time we see look at something Nintendo related.

-Stop playing mind games – Sure, Nintendo should build up some suspense about the Wii's release and pricing, but they shouldn't play with our heads and drive us crazy. It's been literally months, they need to just give the public, not to mention their fans, the details, so they can start saving their pennies.

-Undersell the competition – We've seen the DS outsell the PSP at a more reasonable price, and the same is (yet) to be said about the Wii. But after the initial investment, on which you may save a few hundred dollars, There is no real incentive. The games Recomended Retail Prices will probably sit on the same level as the Xbox 360's games, at $99.95. Nintendo should seriously consider releasing games with a RRP of $79.95 to give a continual incentive to buy Nintendo products, and to keep gamers everywhere happy.

When you think about the features of the Wii, it's hard to see how someone could dislike them, (well except of course for the U.S.A, the heaviest nation on Earth, who might not get along with the controls too well) but all in all Nintendo looks to have a bright future, with ripe sales and a healthy image well within their grasp.

Oh, and I may have ignored the lack of Hi-Definition, and I do understand that there will be contrasting views on the matter, but personally I play games for fun and enjoyment, not to marvel at the graphics. If I wanted to see pretty pictures, I'd watch a movie

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360 v PS3

19th August 2006, 11:37am

So there I was at work the other day, doing a boring fill shift. Cut box, empty stock onto shelves, repeat. Then I began talking to the renown Sony fan boy of Target about two of the new generation consoles, namely the Xbox 360 and the PS3. I'm not really an advocate for either side of the battle, but I pointed out that my main concern is the price of the PS3. About $AUD900 is a hell of a lot of money after all.

But then he pointed out to me that for the 360 to run on HD-DVD, people are going to have to buy a new drive for their 360, and thats probably going to cost an arm and a leg knowing Microsoft, and that when you consider the PS3 will already incorporate it's Blu-Ray technology, the price difference may not be that great

So the 360 costs $649.95, and the PS3 is expected to launch around the $850-900 mark. But lets say the HD-DVD drive for the 360 is going to cost $150 or $200. In the end, to have a fully functioning 360 it's going to cost you about the same as a PS3 will. Maybe the PS3 isn't such a bad choice overall?

So then i though about it some more and came back with a rebuttal. I remember buying my PS2 and being extremely disappointed with the lackluster DVD player in it. Maybe the 360's ability to have an expandable drive is a good thing, so when the hardware and technology improves you can easily upgrade to a better player. That said, each time you upgrade there is still going to be a price tag.

Really the decision is up to you. But for the record, If I had the money I'd be putting it towards a 360

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Metal Gear Solid

17th August 2006, 11:07pm
It may just be me, but Metal Gear Solid could just about be the best gaming franchise ever to grace our consoles. Unfortunately I was too young to play the NES games but I do know the delights of the Playstation titles.

Metal Gear Solid (PS1): What can I say? This was my favorite game on the Playstation. Awesome action, never a dull moment, well except of course for those stupid caves with the wolves. It also has an awesome music score (believe or not i was actually whistling the theme at work earlier today.) Then of course comes the good part. The storyline. Twists and turns everywhere, backstabbing you don't know whats going to happen until the very end. Totally cool game.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2): Well this one got some bad reviews, but I truly cannot see why. It improved on the fantastic gameplay elements of the first, had a proper orchestral score written for it, and of course had newer, better graphics than the first. Sure, Raiden sucked, but it had a solid (pardon the pun) storyline. Not as good as the first, but still an awesome game.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: Take a trip to the past. This could possibly be the greatest game ever to reach the PS2 (I'll hold judgement until I've played Final Fantasy 12.) Lucious and beatiful forest environments, huge levels of detail, even in the grass, not to mention snakes, birds and other various wildlife that you can shoot and eat. Yummy!

If you have a PS2(or PS1 for that matter) and you haven't played any of these titles, get them now.......or else.
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