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Sliced Gaming Feature: Fallout 3 - Initial Thoughts

Writer: Gordon Craick
Posted: 8th November 2008, 5:01pm
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Today we bring you our initial thoughts from Fallout 3, after sitting down for a week of play. The game is just so epic, it's one that cannot be covered in mere hours of play, and like it's already way-too-compared Oblivion, it is the sort of game that can literally pull you in for tens of hours before completion.

Yes, the reviews are already in from the major publications, yet strangely they seem quite short on details on how the final game builds to a conclusion. I wonder why this may be? No actually, we know exactly, but thankfully at Sliced, we don't have the same time pressures. So anyhow, some ten hours on, and with not even having completely maybe 75% of the storyline, we bring you our initial impressions.

Having being avid players of both Fallout 1, and Fallout 2, it has been interesting to see some of the comparisons come in. While my own memory is a little foggy from some ten years ago, it definitely does start to come back after sinking into Fallout 3. Some commentary has already dismissed Fallout 3 as not being as good as the previous two games, but I disagree, rose coloured glasses is a wonderful thing. If anything, Fallout 3 epitomises exactly what made the first two games so good, and bad in others - yes they were not perfect. There are many small reminders from the last games interspersed throughout for those that have good memories.

First up, the environments are indeed bland and grey, however it is a post apocalyptic world after the destruction of  nearly all of mankind, and anything less could be a let down. The desolation brought across is meant to feel dark and depressing, and in 3D this time, it is done even better with even further details that really pulls you into the world more than most games that come to mind. Much more so than the top down graphics, and low-resolution of the previous titles. The detail and items scattered throughout many kilometers of game-space is amazing. Much of it is really just (literally) rubbish, but amongst the nooks, shelves, and broken buildings are many valuable items to be found, and brilliant small details to be discovered.

Secondly, the gameplay in Fallout 1 and 2 is surprisingly similar here, so there can be little valid criticism there. Much of the grinding feels familiar, and often menial enemies, and much hunting around of random objects, and cobbling together enough caps (money) to purchase quite expensive items, which takes a lot of time wandering. The smaller quests are no less tedious at times, but overall, there is just so much to do, it really feels like a wild open world, which at the time (for 1 and 2) was quite revolutionary. These days it is less so, but it still works.

Music and the environmental effects are great. There is the rather spooky ambient ...

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