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Sliced Gaming Feature: 500 Words Or Less: Xbox 360 Motion Control?

Writer: Nick Schaedel
Posted: 15th May 2009, 2:51pm
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In the first installment of our new weekly feature, 500 Words Or Less, we present our thoughts on whether Microsoft should introduce a motion-sensitive controller to the Xbox 360 platform.


Nick Schaedel:

Don't do it, Microsoft. The Xbox 360 will never be a family system. It just can't be. Not only does the entire gaming industry think of it as the key hardcore platform, but that's its public image too. The Arcade bundle may be priced to compete with the Wii, but when developers don't see a market for family products on the system, they won't make games for it and hence there is no incentive to pick one up for that demographic. It's the reverse of the Wii - that system is seen as casual only, so developers aren't making hardcore games for it, and as a result it's lost ground with that audience. Sure, in the next generation, you might as well throw motion sensing into your controller (and/or add an IR receiver at the back), but it's too late this time around.

Okay, if you have to have something, how about a new Vision camera? In fact, while I was looking for a specific technology I saw in a video, I found this Wall Street Journal article seemingly confirming that a new camera that can detect players' motions is on the way. This is by far a better choice, but again, it will take some killer software to really grab attention away from the Wii - particularly given the guaranteed marketing blitz we can expect for Wii Sports Resort and Wii MotionPlus soon. If there is a new Arcade bundle with this camera, we could see decent sales, but I'm not sure how many existing 360 owners will want to race out and pick one up.


Gordon Craick:

So, motion control for the Xbox 360. It seems like Microsoft is the only one in the room without a shiny lollypop to wave around, and it wants in. While I can see the marketing people at Microsoft pow-powing away in their dank dungeons, tossing and turning at night due to the lack of a motion control device and world domination, will it really help their situation? Everybody who isn't a gamer associates the Wii with motion sensing and that is what helps them sell the most consoles presently. Tell them the Playstation 3 offers something nearly similiar with it's Sixaxis and now Dual Shock 3, and they will more than likely not know about it,nor really care even if it does.

While Microsoft may see the link between it's casual gaming attempts through Xbox Live, and really making it sell consoles to your average family by being able to market it with a motion device, it is unlikely to achieve the same effect. The Wii was first with the motion controls, and that has helped it be associated and loved by everybody for that very reason. Anything that has followed (PS3), and likely to follow (Xbox ...

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