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Sliced Gaming Feature: Exploring Dead Space 2

Writer: Anthony J Scarcella
Posted: 24th January 2011, 7:55pm
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I do not like horror. Perhaps I'm just a pansy. A sap. Someone who prefers to tinker with bits of LEGO than to feel that sense of paranoia and dread about the things that go bump in the night. So imagine my delight in attending the Dead Space 2 press event, where I would rub shoulders with those who relish the thought of being drenched in fear.

An extended work lunch break saw me trekking down to Sydney's famous Oxford Street for the event. Offering my employers the standard "rescuing damsels in distress" excuse, I snuck out in an act of gaming espionage and cabbed it to the Burdekin Hotel in Darlinghurst. Having not been able to attend a press day in a while, I was, unfortunately, entirely clueless as to who else was there. So with a feeling of self-importance, I hung around the demo kiosks, blankly watching the pause screen for the game that was displayed on the Bravia screens and wondering where on earth the controllers were.

Before long, I was joined by some equally aimless (but entirely lovely) folk from VG247, MTV and a freelancer for an outlet I can't quite recall (my apologies to you, sir). After being shuffled into the screening room by the ever-cheery and pleasant PR people, we were greeted by Jarrod Trudgen, Lead Designer at Iron Monkey who produced the mobile version of the game.

DEAD SPACE: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Release: 25th January 2011

Dead Space is a mobile title coming to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Set in the three-year gap between Dead Space 1 and 2, the mobile version features all the hallmarks of the series thus far: an eerie atmosphere, hideous Necromorphs and, oh yes, gore. While it may seem easy for many to write off a mobile version of any game (or any iDevice title for that matter), this portable Dead Space shows a pleasing amount of development thought and care. With what I believe is the next evolution of iGaming (see Infinity Blade, Rage), developers are finally realising that mobile devices don't necessarily have to be the home of ill-fated ports, but can expand the universe of a game series. And they don't need to look rubbish either.

The game has a couple of additions that may make it more tantalising for fans. Two additional weapons have been added to Issac's arsenal: a saw blade (a melee weapon that really only has one outcome: blood) and something known as the Core Extractor (it's less extracting and more 'blow it to bits'). It also allows the player to unlock a bonus for the console version of the game, something I've yet to see from publishers with games on multiple platforms. It's a fantastic idea and one that will surely be implemented from hereon.

Vandal (the new lead character for this game) is controlled through a series of simple swipe and touch gestures. The feel of the world has certainly carried over well (although a little lacking in the lighting, most likely ...

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