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Sliced Gaming Feature: E3 2011 Central

Writer: Nick Schaedel
Posted: 12th June 2011, 1:15am
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Here's your one stop shop for all our coverage of this year's E3 conference. We've even broken it down into handy sections for you. You can thank us later.

Accompanying image courtesy of PopCultureGeek.com, used under creative commons licence via Flickr.



Microsoft Conference Live Blog

Kinect in Mass Effect 3, Ghost Recon

New Dashboard Coming Soon

Ryse Announced, with a trailer

Minecraft Coming To 360

Star Wars Kinect and Kinect Fun Labs Revealed

Dance Central 2 Has Co-Op

Halo 4 Starts New Trilogy

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Trailer

Gears of War 3 Trailer Has Explosions, Guns


Sony Conference Live Blog

NGP Becomes PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita Potentially Region Free, No Video Out

New BioShock Title for Vita Not a Port

BioShock: Infinite Supports PlayStation Move


Nintendo's E3 2011 Conference Live Blog and Third Party Roundtable

Nintendo Reveals Wii U, with Hardware Details and Images

The Legend of Zelda In HD Teased For Wii U

Wii U Bids Farewell to Friend Codes?

Wii U Demo Videos Not Actually Running on Wii U

Professor Layton Returns

Kirby Splits Up On DS

Star Fox 64 3D Puts You In The Cockpit

Skyward Sword Must Be Great, Or They'll End The Series

Super Mario Goes 3D

Play Tetris In 20 Different Ways On 3DS

Resident Evil Offers Revelations On 3DS

Paper Mario Brings Wafer-Thin RPG To 3DS

One Last Taste Of Ocarina of Time 3D Before Release

Snake Eats Again In 3D

Slide, Soar and Swim In Mario Kart 3DS

Luigi Returns To Centre Stage In Luigi's Mansion 2

Pikmin 3 Has Moved To Wii U

Kirby Wii Does What It Says On The Tin

Kid Icarus: Uprising Screens and Trailer

Animal Crossing 3DS Adds Swimming, And That's It


EA Conference Live Blog

EA Announces FIFA Football Club

Mass Effect 3 Won't Arrive Until March 2012

Sims Social Revealed

Insomniac and EA Reveal Overstrike

Ubisoft's E3 2011 Conference Live Blog

Prototype 2 Trailer

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Revealed

Ghost Recon Goes Back To The Future

Tomb Raider Reboots Again

New BioShock Infinite Teaser Video, Contest

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Will Not Appear on Current Gen

Michael J. Fox to Voice New Characters in Final BTTF Episode

Battlefield 3 Open Multiplayer Beta Coming in September

Insomniac and EA Unveil Overstrike


Whew! Go ahead and make the most of that handy list.

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