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Sliced Gaming Feature: The Mario Press Event

Writer: Anthony J Scarcella
Posted: 23rd November 2011, 10:07am
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A rain-soaked and dreary evening greeted me as I left the office that night, an unseasonal chill in what should have been a relatively warm day. Zero 7 pumped through my headphones (Milton at Midnight, if you're interested) as I made the short work from the office to Hotel CBD on York Street in Sydney. Tucking my replica of Nathan Drake's ring underneath my Raccoon Mario t-shirt (lest the Regginator make a surprise appearance and beat me) I stepped inside and inquired about the Nintendo event to one of the bartenders, who directed me to a small lift at the back of the establishment. For some reason, every floor was selected when I entered it, which would work to my advantage when I realised that I had no idea which floor the event was actually on.

After moving past a floor of normal bar patrons and what seemed like a corporate function, I hit the floor of the event. A bouncer and a gaggle of gaming journalists greeted me as I slipped beside them. We waited there for a few minutes, my eye casting over the Canon 60D digital SLR clutched in the hands of one of the attendees and kicking myself for bringing a pokey little point and click instead of my 5D. Following instructions from one of the Nintendo staffers, we shuffled into a rough line and were let into the room.

Electronic music bounced across the room, coloured lights illuminating the space. Large cardboard cut outs, featuring renders of Mario and co. from Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 decorated the walls, surrounding the banks of 3DS units lined up proudly on podiums. Two radio controlled Mario Kart toys were placed underneath large screen TVs on the stage: they would be given away throughout the night, as you'll soon find out.

The view outside almost resembled a rain-soaked Brooklyn, appropriately enough, with the atmosphere inside one of fun and pleasantness. Fellow writers and editors mingled over the first few drinks. Following the lead of one of them, I made my way over to one of them and had a look at Mario Kart 7. Having played Super Mario 3D Land earlier this year at Comic-con, I figured something new would be the best way to kick off the night.

After a few rounds of Mario Kart, official introductions to the two games were made, followed by a 4 way Mario Kart 7 race to win one of the radio controlled Mario Kart toys. And who happened to be enlisted for that race? Yours truly.

A remote controlled Mario Kart the prize for a first place win in a race against 3 other members of the press. I casually selected Toad (my perennial favourite since Super Mario Kart) and his standard cart configuration, thinking smugly to myself that the other 3 had no chance: that prize was mine. "You guys are gonna get your asses kicked!" Heads down, and the race begin. To make the odds even sweeter, the course ...

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