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Mario Kart Super Circuit Review - GBA

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I'm going to get straight to the point in this review. Mario Kart: Super Circuit is arguably one of the best games on the Game Boy Advance. Hundreds of hours have been spent with my Mario Kart: Super Circuit (from now on, MKSC), tuning up the best lap times possible, and gaining triple stars in all competitions, and for what reason? Adrenaline-pumping Addiction.

MKSC takes you back to the good old SNES days, as that's practically what it is. The same engine, on a hand held. There's everything you'd expect to find in a Mario Kart game from mushrooms to red turtle-shells, and even the famous lightning bolt! If you haven't got this game yet, GameBiz wants to know why you own a GBA!


If you've ever played a Mario Kart game before, the learning curve is practically inexistent, except for getting used to the small screen, and the location of the buttons. There are 8 characters to choose from, including Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, Wario and Donkey Kong. All characters have their own specific skills in 2 different categories, weight and speed. Of course, Peach and Toad are the lightest and fastest, and Bowser is the heaviest and hence, the slowest!

Once you've entered MarioGP (the competition mode), and chosen what CC you want to race at, and you've chosen your character as well, you come across the cups. There are 5 different cups, each getting harder as they go. Each cup has 4 races that you must complete 3 laps in each circuit. Coming first is not only the key to success. Ranking is done on a scale from E to A, and then above A you can receive 1 to 3 stars. To get the highest stars you must not only come first, but also collect a whole heap of coins and win comfortably.

Along with the MarioGP mode, there is also Time Trial mode and Quick Run mode. Quick Run mode is basically your arcade option, where you pick any track at any CC and battle against all 7 of the other characters. Time Trial is where you'll find yourself after you get bored of the MarioGP mode. Time Trial mode is set at 125CC, and you get 3 mushrooms to complete 3 laps. It will record your fastest lap, and five of your fastest record times. You also have the option to save 10 of your ghosts on whatever track, and 2 imported ghosts from your friends GBA's.

The interface when in-game is very similar to every other Mario Kart game. You have the map down the bottom right corner, which never gets in the way, and a speedometer in the bottom left hand corner which doesn't really say how fast you're going, but you get a good idea. Then up the top of the screen from left to right you've got the lap you're on, ...

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