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EA's E3 2011 Conference Live Blog

7th June 2011, 6:02am

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Mass Effect 3 is out on March 6, 2012. Live demo, Shephard is trying to destroy a Reaper base. He calls in an air strike using a homing device. A giant reaper attacks them, Shephard mans a mobile turret. The base turns out to actually be a Reaper. The Reaper is hit by an aerial strike, but gets up again. Shephard continues trying to gun it down, and the demo ends.

They show the first gameplay trailer for Mass Effect 3. We've got a preview of the upcoming games for the next 12 months. No fancy stages or celebrities, just games.

We've got Need For Speed: The Run. Blackbox have been
hard at work on the game. Autolog will be integrated directly into the single player mode. For the first time, players will be able to get out of their car and perform actions. We have a live demo. The main character crashes his car and dives out, running away from the police chasing him. An epic action sequence plays out, with the player needing to press buttons at the right time in order to keep going.

The sequence ends with the player stealing a police car and taking off, with the police continuing to chase him in a helicopter. Bullets are flying everywhere, taking out other cars. Cars take damage in real-time. An oil tanker is shot by the helicopter and explodes, sending the player's car spinning out of control.

The Star Wars theme plays, Bioware are on stage. We've got Star Wars: The Old Republic. He talks about all the parts of the game that will be available to see at E3, and then a trailer plays.

SSX is also shown. Players will be able to visit every major mountain area in the world. They've used data from NASA to create a realistic world.

FIFA 12 is next. They claim to have the most advanced tech around. Timing and tactics are crucial. Precision dribbling, player impact engine with physics applied to every clash. They show a video with soccer players talking about the game, as well as Lil' Wayne for some reason.

Madden 12 is getting a big feature. A trailer is shown, and then three NFL players get up on stage, saying how true to the real game Madden 12 is. We Aussies don't need to worry too much about this game though.

Now we've got The Sims Social. It's a version of the Sims which is played on Facebook, and includes your friends in the game.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is shown. We've got a trailer. There's some good action gameplay on show.

The CEO of Insomniac Games is on the stage. They're expanding to the Xbox platform. Their game is called Overstrike. We've got our first trailer.

Battlefield 3 is up! Frostbite 2 is their new engine. Fully destructible buildings and cover. We see a little bit of gameplay, it looks fast and very pretty.

There's an open beta coming in September for all platforms. We see some tank gameplay, the draw distances are great, as are the smoke effects. The HUD is very authentic, it really looks like you're aiming a tank cannon. When an explosion goes off, bits of terrain are sent flying. The game is set for release on the 25th of October. That's it for this conference.

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