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Fallout 3 Banned In Australia!

PS3, Xbox 360, PC

4th July 2008, 2:06pm
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Bad news for Aussie gamers today, with the OFLC coming to their conclusion regarding the game's classification. Apparently, characters in the game are able to use the drug Morphine, supposedly in place of your standard health pack. This didn't go down well with the Board as the portrayal of the unregulated use of prescribed substances is not something that they think Australians should be subjected to. This doesn't necessarily mean that we'll never see the game get a release here, but clearly some censoring would have to take place before any resubmission for classification. The game is yet another prime example of why an R18+ classification is so badly wanted for games in Australia, since this kind of content could certainly be approved under such a rating.

Update: This may not actually be true, as other sources are saying that the game hasn't gone through classification yet.

Update 2: The banning has been confirmed, unfortunately.

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