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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced

Xbox 360, PS3

18th January 2011, 10:25pm
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Square-Enix's latest press conference in Japan wrapped up a short time ago, and the most interesting piece of info on offer was that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is on the way. The game is a sequel to last year's popular Final Fantasy XIII, which is the fastest selling game in the series' history, selling almost 6 million copies in its first two months on sale. Not much is known about the game yet, but so far we do know that Lightning will have a large role in the game, and that the game is set after the events of the FFXIII. Also, the game's logo has been revealed, you can view it below. The figure on the right is Lightning. The game has been given a release date of 2011 in Japan, so we'll be hearing a lot more about the game as the year progresses.


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