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Foxtel on 360 Pricing Revealed

Xbox 360

19th October 2010, 11:37am
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Foxtel has finally revealed pricing for the new Foxtel Xbox 360 Integration, which is set to go live next month. The basic service will start at $AUD20 per month which includes Fox8, MTV, Nickelodeon, Channel [V], LifeStyle You, Discovery, National Geographic Channel, TV1, Sky NEWS, Fox Sports News and CNN.

It'll be an extra $10 for the other packages you want ontop of this:


Entertainment - MTV Hits, MTV Classic, [V] Hits, UKTV, Disney, The Comedy Channel, Discovery Turbo Max, Nat Geo Adventure, Universal Channel, BBC Knowledge, and Sci Fi.

Sports - Fox Sports Play, ESPN, Eurosport and Fuel TV. (Fox Sports Play is an Xbox 360 unique channel that includes Hyundai A-League Football, Barclays Premier League Football, Rugby Union Spring Tour involving the Wallabies, KFC Twenty20 Big Bash, India v New Zealand Test Cricket, Live Boxing and ATP World Tour Tennis Finals.)


On demand new release movie rentals will be available for $5.95, older titles at $3.95 and TV episodes for $2.95. This compares fairly similarly to the existing Zune based pricing, or the iTunes store for that matter. 

You'll also need a minimum of a 1.5mbps connection to stream Foxtel, as well as an existing XBL Gold membership. 

No indication yet of which ISP's (if any) will offer unmetered content for the service, which will be the key to the takeup no-doubt. 

Sliced Comments: It's quite a bit cheaper than getting Foxtel separately ($100 setup plus $44/month presently vs Xbox 360 $20/month), so may interest some punters, but will depend on how much your metered content your ISP allows at the end of the day. Otherwise it will may chew through the gigabytes. The Sports channel is also quite cutdown from the usual Foxtel offering and probably won't please sports fans. No History Channel offered either.

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