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Frugality: Tomb Raider Underworld's Steamy Bonus


13th November 2008, 3:04pm
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Tomb Raider Underworld's Australian release date has been pushed back until the 5th of December, according to EB Games.

But fear not, Raiders of yonder Tombs, for Steam have a special offer at hand. Underworld will be available on Steam for the low price of US$39.99, which cost me roughly AUS$63 (rounding up) as of this morning, the 13th of November 2008 (curse the falling Aussie dollar!).

Not only is it cheaper to buy online, but it will also be available at the earlier US street date of November 21st and, if you pre-purchase today(-ish) you get Tomb Raider Legend, valued at $19.99 on Steam and in Australian retail outlets, for free (minus the cost to download it of course).

So there you have it. Earlier, cheaper and a free game to boot.

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