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Guitar Hero: World Tour Details

25th July 2008, 12:19am

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We've got the scoop on the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour, which is taking aim at Rock Band (which, if rumours are true, might be missing out on an Australian release in favour of Rock Band 2) and looks like it might pull the trigger. Let's look at the feature set. We have online, eight player "Battle of the Bands", where two bands can compete head-to-head and an online Band Career mode, so you don't have to play alone. There's character customisation and logo design for your albums. Of course, there'll be downloadable song packs well beyond release - even for Wii owners, which is pretty huge in itself.

The biggest groundbreaker, though, has to be the Music Studio, where you can compose, record and edit your own songs, and then share them with the world. Can you see people transcribing classic songs by bands that aren't on the tracklist and spreading them with the GHTunes distribution system? Do you smell that? That's the smell of awesome. And also lawsuits.

We've got the logo... and that's all that's new. You can check out some older screens by hitting the link at the top of the article, though.

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