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Introducing...Canis Cadem Edit


6th September 2006, 11:41am
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Rockstar's upcoming controversial title 'Bully' has received a name change: introducing 'Canis Cadem Edit'. A latin flavoured title, the translation of it is 'Dog Eat Dog'.

Surprisingly enough, our OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification) has passed the title with flying colours. Canis Cadem Edit has secured an M15+ rating for itself, meaning that we'll see the full, uncensored title here in Australia, unlike Rockstar's previous efforts (GTA 3 springs to mind, amongst others).

Bully, er, I mean, Canis Cadem Edit is due for release in October 2006 in the US, with no confirmed date for a PAL release.

Check out the gallery for some shots of the upcoming title

Sliced Comment: Rockstar seem to be attempting to nullify the controversy surrounding this game by giving it a flashy, less blantant title. Whether or not this will curb the noise about it remains to be seen.

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