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It's July 7 again - Bungie Day!

Xbox 360

7th July 2008, 5:37pm
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As usual, July 7th is a day of celebration at Bungie and they're providing a free theme and some cute gamerpics for free download, today only!

Also at around 7PM (1 hour from now) a free Halo 3 map will be uploaded to Xbox Live, so fans can enjoy Bungie Day 08 in-game.

The map is called Cold Storage and is a remake of the Halo 1 map named Chill Out.

Also, the Legendary Map Pack is being discounted from 800 Microsoft Points to just 600 Microsoft Points, so jump on LIVE now and grab these Bungie Day offers!

-Sliced Edit: The map (Cold Storage) is now available and is 116MB.

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