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Jamie Oliver Comes To The DS


28th July 2008, 11:39pm
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Nintendo's Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What To Eat? was recently released for the DS, and it would seem that Atari would also like a slice of the pie (pun intended). They've just announced What's Cooking? With Jamie Oliver, to be released in time for Christmas in the U.S, which walks players through cooking situations from shopping to dressing dishes and the best ways to serve up meals. You'll also be able to store up to 100 of your own recipies on the DS cart, which can be transferred to other people's games via the wi-fi connection.

"I really want to get as many people as I can cooking simple, tasty food, so I'm really excited about bringing a book's worth of my recipes to a game for the first time," said Jamie Oliver.

So far the game seems to be very similar to Nintendo's own product, but fans of Oliver will surely appreciate the game, and his appearance will certainy lend the game a touch of extra credibility.

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