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Mass Effect 3 Operation: Salvage

PC, Xbox 360, PS3

21st June 2012, 11:56am
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Fans of Mass Effect 3 get ready for an explosive weekend.

This weekend, if you jump online in Mass Effect 3 you can participate in Operation: Salvage - "With so many planets conquered in Council space, we are relying on material support from the Terminus Systems. Eliminating risks to our supply line is a top priority."

The allied goal is to kill 7 million trooper-level enemies, such as Cerberus Assault Trooper, Husks, Cannibals and Geth Troopers. If this milestone is reached, participating gamers will receive a Victory Pack.

The squad goal is to complete an Extraction in any difficulty using the following classes: Krogan, Vorcha, and Batarian. Fans that complete this will receive a Commendation Pack.

Packs often include new guns and weapon upgrades.

Operation Savage begins for Australians at 11am EST Saturday June 23 and ends at 9pm EST Tuesday June 26.

Packs will be distributed some time on Wednesday if the mission is successful.


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