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Metal Gear Online Gets A New Mode


4th July 2008, 11:59pm
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Metal Gear Online has just been updated with a new mode, available on the game's servers. In the new mode, players are formed into a Sneaking Team and a Normal Team, with the Sneaking Team being the only ones with stealth gear. The Stealth Team have to kill all their enemies, or return KEROTAN or GA-KO to their goal to win, while the Normal Team have to either defeat all their enemies, or keep KEROTAN or GA-KO safe in order to be victorious. The game seems to favour the Stealh Team, but things are balanced. If a member of the Normal Team spots a member of the Sneaking Team, all the members of the Sneaking Team will be fully visible for 5 seconds. To help the Normal Team even further, only they are able to equip lethal weapons. Players can also choose to have "Headshots Only" as the method of killing in every mode except Team Sneaking, though if you kill someone by another method, you'll die as well.

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