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New Call of Duty 3 Details

12th July 2006, 9:46am
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Further details have been released on the upcoming sequel to the best selling Call of Duty 2 for next gen consoles. Call of Duty 3 will be set in the scenario of the Normandy Breakout, the battle that liberated Paris, and allows the allies to make a final move on Berlin. Players will assume the roll of a British, Canadian, American and Polish soldier throughout the campaign.

Some of the key new features will be:
  • New generation engine, which adds advanced physics, procedural textures, and increased animations.

  • 'Battle Actions', which give the player the increased opportunity for unique hand to hand battles against the enemy.

  • Environmental physics which allow your surroundings to be blown up and uncover enemies. Your own cover may not be there for long solider!

  • Multiple strategies in which a level can be conquered.

  • Greatly enhanced multiplayer component, involving split screen action, and greater vehicle action. Play up to 24 players online. Call of Duty 3 also offers new 'soldier classes', which allows specialisation of your play in multiplayer combat.
From the media, the game looks quite similar to Call of Duty 2 with slight enhancements to the graphics engine to suit the next gen consoles, and of course the gameplay enhancements above.

Call of Duty 3 will be released on multiple console systems including XBOX 360, Playstation 3, and the Nintendo Wii.

We've attached a few shots from the Xbox 360 version.

Sliced Comments: Let's hope the advancements to the gameplay make it come across as more than just an expansion pack to COD2.
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