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Next Assassins Creed Out This Christmas

21st February 2011, 4:46am
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Ubisoft have announced that they will be making a big announcement in May.

With the massive success of Brotherhood (6.5 million units sold worldwide), the team at Ubisoft Montreal is busy polishing off the final touches on Michael Jackson: The Game, before announcing where their number 1 franchise will be headed next.

Speaking to investors at a Ubisoft stock meeting, CEO Yves Guillemot stated, "We will have an Assassin's Creed this year... We are going to give you more details in May," announcing that it's a "packaged title" and not just an add-on.

Rumours have been speculating about where the series could be going next. Some thought one of the World Wars could be quite interesting, with possibly a female character for a change. We'd like to hear your ideas.

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