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Next-Gen Xbox and Project Fortaleza Leaked

Xbox 360

19th June 2012, 11:41am
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A leaked document which was online for just a short period of time has all but confirmed rumours that Microsoft's next-generation console is coming soon. The 56-page document included a RRP of $299USD (which we can only assume Australian retailers will translate to around $449AUD), with plans to sell 100 million consoles in a 10-year life cycle.

The console will boast full 1080p High Definition content, with everything Microsoft has mastered from the Xbox 360 included, such as Kinect, 3D gaming, the newly announced SmartGlass, and more.

Blu-ray compatible, the console will focus on cloud gaming with the ability to save a lot of content online. New Kinect 2 hardware will offer gamers similar movement-based gameplay to what they have now, with better voice recognition in the works. The documents also show plans for four-player Kinect 2 features.

Microsoft also revealed in the leaked papers a project titled Project Fortaleza which is augmented reality glasses set to be released in 2014. The glasses will apparently use WiFi to connect to your network and console creating a whole new way to play games.

The document appears to be in the form of a powerpoint presentation from 2010 however, which indicates plans may have changed since then.

No official announcement has been made yet, but considering E3 has just passed and Microsoft appear to want the console on the market next year, we're expecting an announcement before the Wii U's release later this year.

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