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Nintendo Australia Confirms March 3DS Release


20th January 2011, 10:56am
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We warned you - it's 3DS day! Nintendo Australia's press release today confirmed the system would see a March 2011 launch here, but left the specifics of date and price for a later reveal. February 8th, to be exact.

In other 3DS news, the European online retailers have started listing preorder prices for the system. is offering the handheld for £219.99 (a whopping AUD$352), Game is listing at £229.99 (AUD$368), as is Gamestation. It seems Australians will be looking at a minimum of $299.95 here despite the disparate prices between Europe and America (which has set an RRP of USD$249).

It seems clear now why they've added region locking to a handheld system. That said, given the great US exchange rate it is easily foreseeable that some will choose to import a US system and buy all their games from overseas. Of course, we're just speculating in advance of any real news from Nintendo Australia. Still, not long to wait.

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