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Nintendo Considering A New U Name

Wii U

27th January 2012, 10:27am
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When Nintendo announced their next console at last year's E3, there was noticeable miscommunication in the mainstream press about what exactly Wii U was. The name, and the lack of focus on the physical console box itself, lead many to report that the tablet controller was a peripheral for, well, the Wii.

In the aftermath of the 3DS's lethargic start and similar public confusion about whether that handheld had the same innards as the DS it shares a name with, IGN is reporting that Nintendo might be reconsidering its next console's branding.

You can't blame them for wanting to keep the Wii brand name - it's the console that launched them into first place after years of slump. Their reticence to let go of a good thing is understandable, but 'Wii 2', and in fact 'Wii <anything>', doesn't have a ring to it. Plus, the 'U' name is an apt reflection of Nintendo's new goal of providing the experience you want, be it hardcore or casual. If they end up on Nintendo U, I'll be happy.

And let's avoid Wii Touch, please.

Do you think a better name is necessary, and what would you suggest?

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