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Nintendo's E3 2011 Conference Live Blog

Wii, 3DS

8th June 2011, 1:55am

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It's been five years since the Wii launched, and Nintendo's finally ready to step into the HD world. The 3DS is ready for software and the company's newest home console is just minutes away from being revealed. Keep refreshing the page for our live blog of Nintendo's E3 2011 conference. It's going to be a big one.

1:30am: The audience is settling. Trivia questions are playing on the big screen. Not long to wait now. A, B, C or D? ...Nope, wrong. It was B.

1:35am: Live orchestra is playing Zelda music in front of a montage of Zelda games. Awesome. We're working through all of them, right from the start. It is the 25th anniversary after all! New footage of Skyward Sword shows characters riding on flying winged creatures through the clouds.

1:40am: Shigeru Miyamoto has taken the stage. It's bringing back memories. Bill Trinen is translating for him. Last year was Mario's 25th. This year it's Zelda. One of the songs they played today was the theme of Skyward Sword. Music is important in the games. He asks the orchestra to play classic musical cues like solving a puzzle, opening a chest, or the fairy fountain tune. It's great live. There's a little miscommunication, but Miyamoto gets a second run of the item get sound.

To celebrate the anniversary, there'll be a Zelda game for every Nintendo system. Link's Awakening is available today on the eShop. Next weekend, Ocarina of Time 3D will launch around the world. Frame rate is improved, graphics have been improved. In September, for DSi, there'll be a free Four Swords co-operative game. Free Zelda! And Skyward Sword will arrive this holiday season for Wii. There'll be a special Triforce themed gold Wii remote released to celebrate. He calls it the most satisfying Zelda game of the series.

1:47am: Zelda symphony concerts will be played in each region around the world to commemorate the 25th Anniversary. That's awesome. Ocarina of Time 3D official soundtrack will be made available free as a gift to the first users that register the game with Club Nintendo. There'll also be a second CD based on the live concerts. Over two hundred staff have worked on the franchise over the years. He brings up staff on stage to celebrate him, including producer Eiji Aonuma.

1:51am: Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's global president, takes the stage. When they launched Wii and DS, they aimed to expand the gaming audience. Today, there have been significant changes to who plays games, and how they play. Still issues with how consoles are addressed - either 'hardcore' and 'casual'. Aiming to create a console that is equally satisfying for everyone.

New console will offer deeper and wider content. Deeper for hardcore players, and wider for players new to video games. For Nintendo, the goal of innovation is to serve every player, even though each person brings their own gaming history and appetite to the table. Won't be out until next year, 2012.

1:55am: Favourite franchises moving to 3D. Mario Kart, Star Fox (they included "do a barrel roll!"), Mario platformer (raccoon suit), Kid Icarus, and, yes, Luigi's Mansion! Luigi's Mansion!

1:57am: Reggie Fils-Aime is back. "We hear you. You want what you've always wanted, but you also want something new. Is it possible to deliver something for everyone? That's what they're aiming for with the new console, and also for 3DS."

Mario Kart. Coins on the track. Paragliding. Underwater sections. Customise your kart. Looks fun. Entirely new, arrives this holiday season.

2:01am: Star Fox 64 3D is back. Use buttons for traditional control, or use turning or tilt if you like. Group play uses faces and voices of your opponents. If you destroy them, it will take a picture and show it to you. Arrives in the United States in September.

Super Mario 3D. Looks like a portable Super Mario Galaxy. Top down sections, 2D, lots of variety, Raccoon suit. Comes out before the end of 2011. Gorgeous.

Kid Icarus Uprising. Voice acting has been added, could be worse. Battle other players in three on three arena death matches. There will also be card fights, using augmented reality cards. Arrives in 2011 too.

2:06am: Luigi's back in Luigi's Mansion 2 for 3DS. Egyptian room with mummies. Looks awesome! An entirely new game, with great use of 3D and several new mansions.

2:09am: Third party trailer reel time. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics, Ace Combat 3D, Tetris, Cave Story, Resident Evil: Revelations, Driver: Renegade, Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions, Tekken 3D, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D. Software update has ushered in a new era of digital downloads.

Virtual console, game demos and trailers for 3DS, classic console titles. Free copy of Excitebike in 3D. Enhanced Pokedex is available - only sixteen creatures registered at the start. Collect the rest from friends, SpotPass or by scanning AR markers. Use the markers to take photos with you and the Pokemon in the real world, then save to an SD card and upload it on your PC. 3DS means social, connection and redefines interaction.

2:15am: New name for a system. Announces Wii U. Enjoy it together, but tailor made for you. Unique. Unifying. Utopian. Controller revealed - it has the screen long rumoured.

Trailer time. Screen is multi-purpose. Switch channels on TV and the image jumps to the screen. It's a touch screen. Camera. Stylus. Works by itself, or with the TV. Put it on the ground and use the Wii remote to play golf. Shows the ball on the ground. Weigh yourself with Wii Fit Balance Board and controller. Throwing stars by flicking off the touch screen.

HD ZELDA! Gohma drops in from the ceiling of a temple. Coming 2012. Item management on the screen.

Controller has two circle pads, D-pad, two sets of triggers, rumble, accelerometers, touch screen, gyroscope, microphone, inward-facing camera. Not designed to be a portable gaming machine. Images displayed are generated by Wii U and sent without latency. HD Zelda looks gorgeous. Gorgeous. Can play without the controller screen, using only the controller, or both screens.

Web browsing. Video chat, even while watching a TV show. Miyamoto comes up to talk about the possibilities.

2:26am: Kid Icarus developer Sakurai was discussing which platform his next game should be. Smash Bros. for both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Works together on both platforms. This is a product for the future.

2:28am: Today's Wii U games. Bold assertion to claim it will change the way you play games. Tangible proof here today. Eight new experiences - not actual games. Example video. HD bird flaps through a Japanese temple. Flowers blossom. Picks one up in its beak and drops it into the lake. Koi fish swim around.

More experiences (not actual games). New Super Mario Bros. Mii. Watch the action on either screen. Another game: pirate arrows shoot at you unless you move the controller around to block. Next, Chase Mii is multiplayer. New controller has birds-eye view of the people trying to catch you, while Wii Remotes are split-screen on the TV. Spaceship demo, with two Wiimotes on screen and one person with a controller. These are prototypes, not actual games at this point.

LEGO City Stories is an actual game for Wii U. New open-world game for Wii U and 3DS. Developer reel. Peter Moore (EA Sports), CEO Vicarious Visions, Danny Bilson (THQ), Yves Guillemot (Ubisoft), Martin Tremblay, Jeremiah Slackza, Ken Levine (Irrational Games), Warren Spector (Disney), Frank Gibeau (EA Games). Darksiders II at launch, Tekken, Batman: Arkham City, Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon Online. Arkham City!

Trailer time. Darksiders II looks badass. Dirt from Codemasters brings realistic racing. Aliens: Colonial Marines is creepy and hardcore, very Dead Space-ish. Ghost Recon Online - an actual shooter on a Nintendo console! Metro Last Light - dark and underground. Tekken, with stylus-based character modifications. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge has blood everywhere! Darksiders II will be a launch title for the Wii U.

2:40am: Reggie and Iwata are summing up the day. EA CEO John Riccitiello joins them on stage. Never been with Nintendo at E3 conferences before. Wii U speaks directly to players of EA. Brilliant HD and new gameplay opportunity. Madden footage, with clear HUD on the TV, and the instructions and plays on the controller. Seems to be hinting at Battlefield 3 on a Nintendo console. Open online functionality, new content, leaderboards.

2:42am: Reggie concludes. Asks us to think about DS, Wii, 3DS and Wii U and what they represent together. Each unique, but a common pedigree of innovation. Two screens and touchscreen of DS changed gaming. Motion control of Wii changed gaming. Glasses-free 3D changes gaming. Now, Wii U opens a second window to your gaming world.

2:45am: It's over. Logos on the screen hint at Kirby games, Rhythm Heaven, another Mario Party game.

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