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This Week on Xbox Live Arcade

Xbox 360

22nd July 2008, 7:40am
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After missing out last week due to all the madness of E3, Microsoft is back on track and releasing two new games, both at 800 points each.

Go! Go! Break Steady

Take on DJ Scruffy and the Beatniks in this combination rhythm and puzzle game. Featuring original gameplay, a unique visual style, and six amazing characters breakdancing to 20 finger-tapping songs, Go! Go! Break Steady is the ultimate hybrid of two popular and challenging genres. Will Hydro and his "All City Crew" become the Break Steady Tournament Champs and take home the most prizes? The answer depends on your own rhythm and smarts. Play it solo, team up with your friends, or play online to see who has the real Break Steady "skillz!"

  • Innovative game: This original game combines the best of the music and puzzle game genres.
  • Music and dance: The game features a unique visual style with characters break dancing to the beats of twenty new songs.
  • Multiplayer: Enjoy both multiplayer versus and cooperative local and multiplayer modes.
  • Independent design: The game is the debut title from Vancouver-based independent game studio Little Boy Games.
Break Steady is for 1-2 players and has both co-op and versus modes. With Custom Soundtracks, and online multiplayer and leaderboards, this game is shaping up to be quite a nice package on Xbox Live Arcade.

1942: Joint Strike

In a parallel world reminiscent of our own WW II era, pilots take to the skies with stylized aircraft carriers and devastating weaponry. Inspired by the popular eighties arcade series, 1942: Joint Strike combines classic top-down vertical shooting with updated 3-D HD graphics.

Take on massive waves of incoming enemies while dodging explosions and missiles, as you face off with huge enemy bosses in death-defying dogfights. Recruit a wingman locally or online to pull off new "Joint Strike" attacks, combining the powers of both aircraft in one explosive barrage. With new weapons and power-ups in your arsenal, prepare to rejoin the battle!

  • Updated classic: Experience classic arcade style gameplay with 3-D hi-def graphics.
  • Co-op play: Team up for new Joint Strike attacks, weapons, and power ups. Use your wingman for two-player local or online missions.
Both games should be available for download as early as 7PM tomorrow (Wednesday) night.
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