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Tomb Raider DLC only for 360, costs money

Xbox 360, PC, PS3

23rd January 2009, 7:17am
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If you bought Tomb Raider Underworld on anything other than the 360, congratulations, you don't get to play the whole game.

Eidos have announced two whole new levels for Tomb Raider Underworld, exclusive to XBox 360. I'm sure these weren't held back from the retail version or anything, and were developed from scratch in the whole month that the game has been out for. You know, over Christmas and New Years, when nobody ever gets time off.

At any rate, the two new levels exclusive to the 360 are Beneath the Ashes and Lara's Shadow, with Ashes available February 10th and Shadow available a month later on March 10th.

Beneath the Ashes takes players back to Croft Manor and into a previously undiscovered crypt full of magic stuff and things, and gives Lara a few new outfits to tart around in, plus another 125 achievement points for you to earn.


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