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We'll Be At Nintendo Australia's 3DS Launch Event!


8th February 2011, 1:14pm
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Yep, we're here in Sydney for tonight's Nintendo 3DS launch event held by Nintendo Australia. We'll be on the ground floor to get our hands on the system for the first time, and to be mildly disappointed at the price point. Maybe that's a bit cynical, but we'll see what happens.

As a laptop is probably a bit of a hassle to haul in, we'll be live tweeting the conference instead. Head over to our Twitter account and watch as we upload news, impressions and pics throughout the night. It's sure to be a fun event! Stick tuned.

Incidentally, the news is already trickling in, as Konami has confirmed that PES 2011 3D will be a launch title here in Australia, as it is (presumably) in Europe.

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