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Wii U Bids Farewell to Friend Codes?

Wii U

9th June 2011, 12:31pm

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It looks like Nintendo is starting to embrace modernity with the Wii U, with some outlets reporting that they're ditching the Friend Code system that's plagued their online capable consoles, replacing them with a single, online identify.

MTV Multiplayer heard the news from Ubisoft in an interview regarding Ghost Recon Online's Wii U demo. However, our understanding of the live blog coverage was that the personalised accounts feature was merely for Ubisoft's game, as they repeatedly told attendees that they couldn't answer questions about Nintendo's system-wide online plans.

There aren't many more details at the moment, but we can all still cross our fingers and hope, because it's about time Nintendo got on board the modern online play bandwagon.

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