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Wii U Hardware Details Trickle Out


8th June 2011, 3:05pm

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Nintendo's press conference certainly left us all hanging with regards to details about the new console. Luckily we have some chip manufacturers 'chipping' (ha!) in with some specs for us.

Nintendo has continued its relationship with IBM and AMD, who are supplying the CPU and GPU, respectively. Both the GameCube and the Wii ran on IBM and AMD technology. In terms of the CPU, IBM have confirmed that Wii U runs a custom 45nm Power chip - the same processor technology as Watson, the human-crushing champion of Jeopardy! POWER7 has clock speeds of 3.0 – 4.25 GHz and 4-8 cores, but it's unclear exactly which specific chip the Wii U uses.

AMD, on the other hand, are less specific with their details, simply confirming that the Wii U runs a custom AMD Radeon HD GPU.


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