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Wii Virtual Console Games Will Transfer to Wii U

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6th June 2012, 5:39pm

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Good news, everybody. ABC News has been able to confirm that all purchased Virtual Console and WiiWare titles on your Wii will be transferable to your new Wii U through a bit of account migration wizardry. It will be interesting to see whether every new account on the Wii U system gets access to the games, though - if a family played Mario Kart 64 together on the Wii, it would be silly if all four individual accounts on its successor couldn't access the digital title too.

The site speculates that Nintendo might charge for HD upgrades to its game. I'm not so sure. Yes, the company is known for re-releasing its games on every new platform that comes out, but this is the first time they're jumping digital games libraries across generations. It would have to be a pretty significant, Ocarina of Time-esque remake for Nintendo to expect you to pay any more if you already own the title in SD.

Good to see Nintendo is catching up to the expected, modern online gaming and digital economy tenets that its competitors have been working in for a while now.

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