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Win Battlefield: Bad Company All This Week!

Xbox 360, PS3

22nd June 2008, 12:14pm
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We've teamed up with EA to bring you a massive week's worth of Battlefield: Bad Company coverage in the lead up to the game's June 26th release. What does this mean for you? Well, from Sunday the 22nd through Sunday the 29th of June, we'll be spotlighting new features every single day at the top of the page. We've got an interview with the developers of the game, new videos and media, and we'll top it all off with our review at the end of the week.

But there's even more! We have some copies of the game to give away to you, our faithful readers. How many, you ask? Two? Three? No. Not two or three. Twelve. Yep, twelve - six for PS3, six for 360. Here's how to snag a copy. From Sunday the 22nd through to Saturday the 28th, the daily features we put up will include a gold bar icon. If you spot it, click on it quick smart and you'll be taken to another page where you can fill in your details and submit them to us. It's that simple. The feature articles should be up by 1pm each day, and the bar will be there from the start, so if you can't find it, you've missed out. Check back each day, go hunting for a gold bar, and a copy of Battlefield: Bad Company could be yours!

Terms & Conditions Of Entry:
1. All entries will be deemed to represent an acceptance of the Terms & Conditions Of Entry by the entrant.
2. Prize consists of one copy of Battlefield: Bad Company for either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, awarded to those who locate and click on the gold bar icon embedded in Sliced Gaming's Battlefield feature stories during the feature week.
3. While Sliced Gaming will attempt to provide winners with a copy of the game for the system that they own, it is not guaranteed.
4. Only one copy of the game will be awarded per person - winners cannot re-enter the competition on subsequent days.
5. Only Australian residents are permitted to enter.
6. There is NO term six.
7. No Sliced Gaming writer, any of their direct family or other affiliates of the site are permitted to enter. Forum moderators that are not writers are still eligible.
8. Winners will be confirmed by email and will be notified of their prize.
9. Sliced Gaming reserves the right to deem any entry invalid, change the prize or conditions of entry, or cancel the competition without notice.
10. Sliced Gaming's decision, in any aspect of the competition, is non-negotiable. Sliced Gaming will not be held liable for any damages or otherwise caused by entering this competition, or by the prize awarded to the winner.

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