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Xbox 360 System Update includes Voice Search for ANZ

21st June 2012, 11:13am
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At long last, today Microsoft have released a software update which is mostly foundational behind-the-scenes patching to get ready for the future updates, but also includes voice search for Australian and New Zealand Xbox 360 gamers.

This means gamers can now use the Bing search bar to search for games and music on your Xbox 360, and on the various marketplaces available on the Xbox LIVE service.

This update comes just two weeks after Microsoft's key E3 announcement of Internet Explorer for the console, which means once the next big dashboard update is released, we will be able to search the web using only our voices ... provided you have a Kinect.

Read more at Major Nelson.


Sliced Comments: Wow, finally. This was the part of the dashboard update that I was most annoyed about. Good to see some recognition down under!

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