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13th November 2008
Because zombies have something to prove.
7th November 2008
Because the overworld is overrated.
29th September 2008
Because the sequel to the war to end all wars keeps getting digital sequels.
29th September 2008
Because guitars alone are no longer enough.
29th September 2008
Because everybody wants to be James Bond.
9th June 2008
Electronic Arts has just released a demo for the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company through Xbox Live. The game will be released as a console exclusive for both Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. We sat down for a few hours to play the demo, and here are some of our thoughts.
1st June 2008
Ground deformation, third-person shooter and physics? Let me at it! We go hands-on with the upcoming game.
17th May 2008
Lightsaber + Wiimote = Fun?
12th May 2008
Why did it have to be Lego?
23rd April 2008
They might, but will you?
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