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MX vs. ATV: Untamed Review - Xbox 360

Gameplay: 5 stars 5
Graphics: 4 stars 4
Audio: 5 stars 5
Multiplayer: 2 stars 2
Innovation: 4 stars 4
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The three seconds goes very fast and you’ll find that you’re constantly having your vehicle reset while learning the various tracks and terrains. This takes away the fun of short cuts, and made the tracks seem much harsher than they should have been.  If you go off a jump on a slight angle, where it’s not going to benefit you even if you’re able to land and get back on track, it resets you. If you take a corner too wide but still manage to recover well, it resets you. The game really doesn’t allow for any error, and we understand the reasons for this but in all honesty, it’s not like there’s any money involved. It should be a little fun.

A small part of the game revolves around doing stunts. In some of the championships you are able to do stunts and build a score, but your score doesn’t actually count for anything if it’s a race. If you don’t come first, you lose, no matter how many back flips you’ve done. The stunts are fairly easy to execute and can of course only be performed on the stunt vehicles. There aren’t any terribly unrealistic stunts, and chaining together a combo is definitely no easy feat. All in all, the whole stunt side of the game needs some fine tuning. We found landing some of the stunts to be somewhat frustrating, especially when you get massive air. Watching your character get thrown from his bike/ATV and get mangled on a pole can prove to be quite entertaining though.


Either we were online at the wrong time, or nobody plays MX vs. ATV in Australia. We tried setting up our own room with a totally standard setting, and we left it there for about 15 minutes, and not one person joined. It could be because the game is six months old, but either way, unless you’ve got a friend with the game you will find it extremely hard to race online. The game supports up to 12 racers online. MX vs. ATV supports several 2-player split-screen offline modes, but your mate probably won’t appreciate playing this one. All up, the multiplayer of MX vs. ATV is lackluster, and unless you have friends that are also interested in the franchise, you’ll have a rough time experiencing races that aren’t mostly occupied by bots.


The graphics in MV vs. ATV Untamed are nothing short of ugly. The circuits look like hand-me-downs. By that, we mean they have pre-loaded textures to make them look like they’ve been raced on a lot. This works on asphalt, but not mud. Mud tracks leave a mark, but then it is supposed to reshape back to a flat surface after a few hours.  Everywhere we looked in MX vs. ATV Untamed we saw ugliness…the background trees and environments, the spectators, the signs and witches hats - all as ugly as it gets on the 360. The only part of the game that holds its own graphically is the character ...

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