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Transformers Animated: The Game Review - DS

Gameplay: 4 stars 4
Graphics: 6 stars 6
Audio: 4 stars 4
Innovation: 3 stars 3
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merit for kids. Sure, the puzzles are ridiculously easy for a proper gamer, but at least kids will engage their minds to get through them. And completing puzzles with a trio of their favourite characters? Sure to bring a smile to their faces. At worst, there are far more blatantly awful things they could be playing.


Serviceable and efficient. The game is rendered in 3D on a 2D perspective. The characters themselves are well modelled and (surprisingly) decently animated. The animation was one of the high-points that I noticed while playing, with some subtle squash & stretch and overlapping (yes, I am an animator). Basically, what it boils down to is that despite the fact you're playing as a bunch of robots, the animation itself is fluid and charming. However, the framerate does dip at times, for seemingly no reason. Thankfully, these instances are few and far in between.


The unsurprising tones of 'nothing special'. A perfectly forgettable electronic soundtrack graces each level. The voice acting is there at every cutscene, and in the levels as well, with the Autobots handing over control with a phrase like "Bumblebee, it's down to you!" and similar. And there's that great theme song as well, that we all know and love.


With a game like Transformers Animated: The Game, it's relatively easy to scrutinise and squeeze the mediocrity out of it like a rotten lemon. It'll be a game that will be dismissed and jostled to the back of the bargain bin to fester in no time, and then forgotten in reams of gaming history. And deservedly so, to some extent. To an experienced gamer, it will feel shallow and uninspired and, to be brutal, utterly boring. It seems almost trivial to apply a score to this review. However, in terms of an appealing game for children, this game succeeds on many levels. As mentioned earlier, there are far worse choices lining the shelves of stores at the moment. Faced with that knowledge, this review goes with a recommendation and a platitude that things are not always as bad as they seem.