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Modern Warfare 3 Review - Xbox 360

Gameplay: 7 stars 7
Graphics: 8 stars 8
Audio: 9 stars 9
Multiplayer: 8 stars 8
Innovation: 5 stars 5
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the last few games, fixing the most common gripes from players.

The Killstreak system has been removed and replaced with a points system, where you can gain points from completing core objectives in a multiplayer, not just killing as many other players as possible. Rather than using virtual money to unlock items, weapons are now upgraded as the player progresses in multiplayer, and extra proficiency perks can be added to a player's weapons.

A couple of new game modes have been added Kill Confirmed, where you have to pick up an enemies dog-tag after their death, or help claim your own team's tags to reduce the opposition's score. This makes for some frantic running around, but also a bit of camping in key spots, which can become tiring. Team Defender is capture the flag, except if the team holds the flag they score double points for each kill.

Multiplayer has become a bit more balanced, and no longer is it easy for a player to rest on their Killstreaks. Many noob players will unfortunately still be dying a lot before they level up enough to hold their own. It's still not easy, but that is what keeps bringing players back to essentially what is the same competition year in year out.

This year, in order to squeeze yet even more coin from the keenest players, they have offered the Call of Duty Elite option, which for an extra yearly subscription players can share their battle scores over social networking, receive monthly content updates, receive strategy tips, as well as take part in paid tournaments with real prizes. For the most keen COD player this may be of interest, but for everybody else they may be scratching their heads over why they need to pay even more after the purchase of the game to get the full experience. No doubt this will be a model continued in future titles, much as the sporting titles have done.

Private or "invite only" matches are included, allowing you to choose only your close friends to play out against each other. This is a welcome change for those who don't wish to just play "randoms" on the nearest server they have been allocated. This offers a few extra game modes twists for kicks, including Infected, Drop Zone, Team Juggernaut, Gun Game, One in the Chamber and Juggernaut. The host of the game can also customise many of the settings for for the match.

Split screen and local LAN play is supported as well, for those that want a more intimate gaming experience. It's good to see Activision still cater for this audience, as it is dying a little with massively-multiplayer online play.


MW3 uses much the same engine as the previous games, and this is no bad thing from anybody who has played the last few titles. The amount of detail going on hides some of the lower tech that some of the newest titles out there. For the PS3 it's definitely near the top, ... (continued next page)

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