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Modern Warfare 3 Review - Xbox 360

Gameplay: 7 stars 7
Graphics: 8 stars 8
Audio: 9 stars 9
Multiplayer: 8 stars 8
Innovation: 5 stars 5
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but there are a few titles now that are moving to the next level, such as Battlefield 3.

With a full blown WWIII going on around you, the game definitely sets the scene with planes crashing out the sky, building crashing down right in front of you, and gun fire and planes arcing across the skies. Everything throughout the game is impressive to watch; despite the fact that the engine is now a few years old, it still keeps up well.


The audio experience is still nearly the best out there, and those with a good subwoofer/speaker setup are in for an aural, yet rather noisy feast. Battle sounds rage all around you, enveloping you in the move, and the gunfire sound very realistic, and similar to the best of movies such as Black Hawk Down.

Voice acting is again very professional, and the scripts and dialogue is very cinematic, if not a little too stereotypical military banter.


Modern Warfare 3 is a worthwhile addition to the series, but like the last game, it is more an incremental improvement. That will be enough for players who are going to be predominantly playing it online, but for single players, its a very short experience at around 8-10 hours end to end.

There is also the long running question over which is the better multiplayer game, with Battlefield 3 running hot in Modern Warfare's sights. For those that want the variety of being able to pilot many vehicles, larger maps, and a more advanced destruction engine, the general consensus BF3 will pip Modern Warfare 3. For those that want closer one-on-one battles, possibly some more strategy, and better focus on individual soldier tactics and weapons (and hate being simply blown away by a rampaging helicopter attack from afar), MW3 is probably the better choice. Lining them up in such a way is a bit silly however, as ultimately the preference will vary by player.

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