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Gelaskins Review - PSP

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Skins supplied courtesy of Gelaskins
Phone: +1-416-519-1360

For further information, or to purchase, please visit the Gelaskins website, or give them a call.

Gelaskins, a Toronto based company, sell a variety of artist designed skins for various portable entertainment devices. For my review, I chose the Growth skin (seen on the right), which after looking at the selection on the website, I found the most appealing. It has a nice design, and the colours are quite well distributed.

When it came to putting the skin on my PSP, I found it pretty easy. After peeling the skins off the backing, I carefully maneuvered them into what I thought was the right position, before sticking them on. I didn't get the placement quite right the first time, and the skins were easy to peel off, and reapply and until I had them on just right. They fit the PSP almost perfectly, with the D-Pad, analogue stick and face buttons all fitting through perfectly.

The only trouble I had was with the Select and Start buttons, which are slightly covered. Unfortunately the power light gets covered by the skin on the front of the PSP, there really should have been a hole there. It makes it harder to tell when the battery is getting low, since you can only just see the light shining through the skin. The quality of the skin is great, it has a nice, smooth feel to it, and it stays on well.

I didn’t have a skin on my PSP before, so I certainly think it looks much nicer now, quite eye-catching. I have to say I'm quite happy with the skin, and I’d recommend Gelaskins to any other PSP owners who’d like to spruce up their handhelds!