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Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc Review - PS2

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No arms, no legs, no problem! That is Rayman's motto. Our armless little guy is back, and ready to punch up a storm. Rayman3: Hoodlum Havok continues the well received platform series for PSX and PS2, which has always offered impressive graphics, entertaining and involving storyline in a typical platform package. Rayman2: Revolution has appeared on ps2 a couple of years back, and was quite well received for it's impressive eyecandy, unique feel and entertaining gameplay.

Hoodlum Havok begins a little something like this - Andre', the original Lum decides one day he is going to take over Rayman's homeland, the Heart of the World. He attempts this by transforming all the peaceful Faery-like pink Lums into Dark Lums, who then mutate into the more evil Hoodlums. While you are napping, the Dark Lums swap into the Heart of the World and start creating a storm. Through a series of events, your pudgy friend Globox ends up accidentally swallowing up Andre' in his stomach just as he's getting ready to take over Rayman's world. Rayman then has to go on a quest to remove Andre' from Globox and also work out a way to defeat the Lums and put a stop to his plan of Faery Domination.


After a bit of an introductory lead in to the game, where all your moves and different capabilities are explained and practiced, the main goal of stopping the invasion of the evil Andre' begins. Along the way there are quite a few puzzles to solve and thinking to progress past certain bits of the game using the tools at your disposal. This generally works, although some puzzles are just a little too difficult or non-intuitive, and can get past the challenge stage into the downright annoying. Several times my controller got airborn after attempting the same section just one too many times, which to me in a platformer these days is pretty pass