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Singstar: The Wiggles Review - PS2

Gameplay: 8 stars 8
Graphics: 8 stars 8
Audio: 9 stars 9
Multiplayer: 8 stars 8
Innovation: 5 stars 5
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Another month, another SingStar expansion! Sony’s very own London Studio has been developing games for Playstation consoles since 1993, with the karaoke SingStar games being their largest and seemingly most popular series. They’ve released many expansions for the original SingStar game over the years, and show no sign of stopping. The Wiggles have become a worldwide phenomenon over their long career, selling over 23 million DVDs and 7 million CDs across the globe. Now they’re making the jump to games, with SingStar: The Wiggles being the latest expansion for both the PS2 and PS3 versions of the game. I’ll be reviewing the PS2 version today.


Being a karaoke series, the gameplay is of course based on players singing. The game comes with a bundle of two wireless microphones, or two wired ones if you buy the PS2 version. By singing into the microphone, players interact with the game in the sense that their performance is constantly being monitored by the game software so as to compare them to what it considers to be the ideal pitch and tone for each part of a given song.  Players are given a guide as to how they are faring during a song in real-time thanks to a performance display which takes the form of bars displayed across the screen in varying heights and sizes. Higher bars represent parts of the song which should be sung in a higher pitch, while longer ones indicate the length of time each syllable of a lyric should be sung for. Speaking of lyrics, they are displayed line by line at the bottom of the screen at all times, so players always know what the next line is before they sing it.

Meanwhile, as players sing a song, most of the screen is taken up by the associated music video which is constantly playing with the performance display appearing on top of part of it. Being able to watch the Wiggles perform while you sing certainly makes the game a lot more interesting, and will keep kids going. All songs have an associated Wiggles music video, some of which feature borders on the sides as they are pretty old and were not originally shot in widescreen format. Players are given the choice between both a long and short version of a few songs, which can be selected from the menu before starting to sing. Short versions are handy for practicing the timing and pitch of songs, as well as helping to keep a faster flow to the game in a party environment, as by nature this is a party game.
While The Wiggles is an expansion for the original SingStar game, it can also be played as a stand-alone title as long as players have the required microphones. Each expansion simply adds its own library of songs to the list, and each disc can be swapped with another at any time on the menu screen in order to change the selection of songs on offer. Unfortunately, something that the PS2 ...

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