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Conflict: Desert Storm Review - PS2

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Team shooting games have been big on the PC for quite a while such as the Rainbow Six games, Delta Force and the SWAT series but now we have a game in the firing line for the ps2. Conflict Zone allows you to control a team of up to 4 players which basically takes place in war areas hence the title Conflict: Desert Storm.

Game Play

Conflict Zone is a fun and rewarding game to play once you get used to the controls. While the tutorial mode definitely helps and is useful, after a while you'll be thinking how do I perform this action again? There are tons of actions you can do, you can command members of your squad to go to certain areas, order them to follow you or stay put, you can even decide on how you are going to fire your weapons be it a single, burst fire or grenade style of shot. Each member in the force has their own uses one is best with a sniper, one is a general weapons user, another is suited in heavy arms and last but not least the final member has all the cool explosives.

While most of the objectives are standard such as rescuing a hostage or finding important information on a disk, the way you have to get these takes some thinking. For instance, when in an area where henchmen are hiding in rooftops, you're best to use your sniper expert and have the rest of your team for back up. Or when trying to blow up a pesky tank, station some members near it's firing line so it will focus on them, have you heavy arms guy sneak around and blow up the tank from behind. Members can swap resources with the ability to share health kits is vital, for instance, what's the point of having 12 health kits if the one person that had them got killed?


Conflict Zone has enough decent graphical touches to earn itself a promotion. To start off with graphics seem somewhat dull when you mainly are based in desert terrain, with no environment effects to be seen whatsoever. Well except for some nomadic birds flying around. Fortunately in later levels, effects such as the wind blowing around capture that isolated, frustrated, stuck in the middle of nowhere feel. And this isn't just cosmetic, try to get a decent look with your sniper rifle immersed with orange dust.

Explosions such as tanks and scuds getting blown up look good but when destroying the bridge in the first level you can almost count the number of polygons in the rubble. Animation unfortunately is a little jerky which can be frustrating, particularly in a game where a lot will happen unexpectedly. There are some nice touches such as your footprints showing up in the sand, smoke from explosions obstructing your path and tyre tracks from where the tanks have been patrolling. ... (continued next page)