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War of the Monsters Review - PS2

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Ever felt like you’re on top of the world but in fact you’re a bigger wiener than Milhouse from the Simpsons? Well, War of the Monsters will make you feel like a king, well, more like a monster.

In this title, Monsters go to town and fight other monsters ‘interacting’ with their environments in the most destructive way possible. If you could do this after a bad day at work.....

Game Play

At first, WOTM isn’t exactly a stroll in the park. Lots of punches are available with the aid of the analog stick and the attack button. Moving it in various directions whilst attacking is important otherwise you’ll be goneburger. Best of all is that you can pick up cars, rubble, planks almost anything and throw them at the enemy. You can use long distance moves and even special moves when obtaining the desired icon, which are hidden on rooftops throughout the cities.

Exploration is another facet in WOTM, hidden energy and life bars are scattered around. Trying to doge the other monsters attacks, helicopters firing missiles and finding these elusive bars certainly makes things hair raising. Thankfully, the opposing monster has an icon which is always apparent and the lock on feature means you won’ have to run around too much worrying where the enemy is lurking.

A small cut scene introduces the scene and then you’re thrown right into the action. It’s not all one on one fighting however, in one level you’ll be fighting 3 ants, just slightly bigger than those bull ants at the local park and boss battles occur later on as well. One frustrating factor however is that there is no life bar for the opposing monster, so you don’t know whether your are beating him well or as having as much impact of Mr. Burns fighting Homer. Also, there is no real storyline, just a sequence of events. While this is no doubt an arcade action style of game, a storyline may have helped gamers feel more immersed.

There are 3 modes with the adventure, free for all and endurance. Various tokens can be earned to unlock different character outfits however some old school king movies would have been maybe more rewarding but licensing issues may have been an issue.


Graphically WOTM captures the look of a b-grade movie perfectly. Even the intro and options screens have billboards and drive in theatre screens that look they’ve been sent from a time warp from a 60’s scary movie.

The best feature of WOTM is the environments, buildings crumble and disintegrate faster than a politician saying “No comment”. People will run around trying to get out of the way and they look just the size as if you’re on the top of Centrepoint Tower. Helicopters, cars, tanks move around with some trying to halt your party.

The colours are quite muddy and murky but this ... (continued next page)