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Galactic Civilizations Review - PC

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Having not played a space turn-based strategic game, this was a first for myself, and not being the big sci-fi space freak it's all a bit new to me. But being a big fan of strategic games I was optimistic at the prospect of reviewing Galactic Civilizations. At first I found it difficult to understand a lot of things about the game but slowly picked it up and really started to enjoy it. My advice is to you is if you buy the game read the manual. Once you've read the manual there is a survival guide and more tips on the CD itself for more help. So did Galactic Civilizations power to the next frontier? Or was it sucked into the oblivion of no return?


Having read the manual you now will have the general gist of what to expect in Galactic Civilizations, based in 23rd century when the human population is growing into the galaxy where it is no longer the only or superior force of the galaxy, Having five other species now to consider in it's attempt to control the galaxy. These five races consist of the Drengin Empire, Alterian Republic, Arcean Empire, Torian Confederation and the Yor Collective. All races have their own personal qualities, for example the Drengin Empire are the aggressor's of the galaxy, they use their force to push around the little communities, much like America in our own environment.

Territory is a huge component of this game; to create a large dominant area can only be a positive thing, as you will reap the benefits of being a strong and wealthy force in the galaxy. Galactic Civilizations is much like a political condition in that you have so many different departments to consider like economic, military and diplomatic situations to deal with within the galaxy and as a single race. These situations allow the player to have a chance to win in a multiple number of ways, for an example if your not a military based empire then you could rule with a large population and have more seats in the senate for when you vote on decisions to be made in the council your vote weighs more than say the Drengin Empire who are a strong military unit.

As in all turn-based strategy games there are units to build and utilize in different ways. Star ships and Battleships are for the obvious reason used as the enforcing role of aggressive units to battle for territory or to protect non-militant vehicles such as a constructor ships, survey ships, transporters and colony ships. All ships have there individual advantages for example constructor ships allow you to build star bases anywhere you wish, in some areas you will get additional abilities when you build in certain areas of the galaxy. Freighters are trade ships, which allow you to trade with allies, which can be a real boost for your economic region of your species. All ... (continued next page)