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Will Rock Review - PC

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All Willford Rockwell wanted was a little adventure overseas to see if the rumours speculating the death of the immortals were true. Little did he know that he would be faced with an epic journey through Ancient Greece to try to set things straight in the uninhibited deep-rooted Greek Empire. All it would need was a little deciphering in order to open a door that leads to a lost city and with a little perplexing and bewildering, the door opened.

The introduction in the game will cover the rest of what happens before you start playing. The intro is read to you like a picture-book, but it's presented properly in true Ubi Soft style. If you're looking for a game that will get you geared up for XIII, Will Rock is a definite. It's not Cell-Shaded, but you can see how the design of the gameplay will be quite similar.

Game Play

Will Rock offers three different difficulties at which to play. Will Win, Will Play or Will Die. As Ubi Soft have so nicely stated, selecting Will Die is like signing your own death certificate. As you could guess, I jumped straight in to the Will Win difficulty, and Will Rock hasn't really come across as much of a challenge. I suggest that you don't use the Will Win difficulty, as Will Rock doesn't offer much replay value, and you most likely won't be going back to do the whole game again.

With 11 different unique weapons, including the Medusa gun, the Lewis Machine Gun, and the Atomic Gun, Will Rock does not let you down in weapon variety. There are 21 different types of random enemies that will do their best to kill you. You'll find statues coming to life, Cupids flying out of the sky, and volatile rats with fuses for tails, that blow up on impact with you, or a bullet.

Will Rock has 3 combat powers unique to itself: Titan Damage (Quad damage...), Immortality, and Titan Motion (Slow mo). These can be powered up using 50 pieces of Gold at any altar. There are normally 2 or 3 altars in each level where you can power-up. The Titan Motion power-up slows everything down to a quarter of the speed, but your sensitivity is unaffected. You can carry one of each of the power-ups at any time, and use them at any time during the game. They last for 20 seconds each, and a countdown timer is clearly displayed.

There are some tremendous bosses in Will Rock. Cyclops, Hephaestus, Medusa, and Zeus will all challenge you to a pretty darn good fight. What's agitating about fighting the bosses is that usually you'll have to tussle off several different types of respawning enemies whilst killing the boss. If you can beat Zeus, you gain immortality. ... (continued next page)