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Conflict: Desert Storm Review - Xbox

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You are the most elite force in America known as the Delta Force, or the most elite force in England known as Team SAS. You have control of 4 playable characters, each with their own special abilities. As the levels progress they slowly climb the rank ladder to becoming better and more respected soldiers. You can be one of four characters including: The leader, the sniper, the heavy-weapons man or the Engineer. One of them going alone would get absolutely slaughtered by the Iraqi forces, But together as one you are the most elite tactical force ever known to man in 1991.


Conflict Desert Storm features astonishing, realistic tactical action designed by a former SAS officer. This game has become all that it was hyped up to be, with a dozen missions to go through, and the difficulty gradually rising, my mate and I stayed up all night playing this. In fact, we got to sleep at around 6am! Conflict: Desert Storm really was an tremendous experience when it was first released.

The first level is the same as the level that you get on the official OAXM demo disc, except it has more buildings and there are sheep or goats or cows... It's really hard to tell exactly what they are, but it's fun butchering them. As you progress through the first 3 levels you meet up with your team, and then away you go to battle the entire Iraqi force with just 4 men on foot. Occasionally you can call for Air-Strikes, but it can be incredibly hard to do when you have 4 - 5 tanks waiting to pet you off.

One of the best features I found about this game is that when one of your squad members dies, you can go and heal them whilst they're on the ground wounded. I haven't seen this feature used in any other war game, or if I have, it hasn't been used as much as it is in Conflict: Desert Storm. You only have about a minute to do this, so don't send your friend off on a wild suicide run if you can't rescue him in time! There would have to be about 20 hours of gameplay, and about the same amount of replay value. Some levels are fun and you'd find yourself coming back to do them a few times, others are aggravatingly monotonous, and would most likely not be repeated.

The objectives you're given in the game are all different. You can do them the easy way, or you could do them the really, really hard way. EG, if you run out of rockets, you have to run up to the tank and set plastic explosives on it and then run away and detonate it. The tank does not fire if you are standing right next to it, as it knows that it would be blown to pieces if it did. ...

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