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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Review - Xbox

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If you don't own a racing game yet and cant decide on what to buy, I suggest you rent out Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (From now on, NFS: HP2). In all the style of the hot pursuit series, and the gorgeous Xbox graphics, this truly makes out to be one of the best Need For Speed games ever, if not The Best! There are loads of levels, all with distinctive unique ways to go around them to shake off any cops that are chasing you, and they are very highly detailed in all respects. All the cars from the other NFS games in the series, including the McClaren F1... and new cars are also in the garage, including the gorgeous BMW Z8.

I wasn't able to find whether there is "Be A Cop" mode in the Hot Pursuit mode, but in Single Race, you can definitely Be A Cop and chase after those naughty criminals (as my 7 year old brother put it) as you race around a city, or a swamp at 250kph. And it doesn't stop there. There are plenty of police cars to unlock too! But they're not nearly as pricey as the normal cars, ranging as high as 270,000. Race through an array of open road environments that come to life right before your very own eyes. With river crossings, waterfalls, beaches, dusty paths, and brush fires, you have to rush through traffic, conquer multiple racing events, and outrun cops in Hot Pursuit to become the Champion Road Racer!


NFS: HP2 has every single mode of gameplay that you could wish for in a NFS game, or even a racing game for that fact. From Championship Mode to Hot Pursuit, this game has 2 types of challenges to work through as you gain up those NFS points to buy new cars and tracks. If you have a lot of points, buy the most expensive car you can in Single Race mode, and enter a quick championship to get a heap more NFS points. This will also gain your experience for in the real Championship Mode. I'd have to say this game has about 30 hours of gameplay value, and about 80 hours of replay value.

Hot Pursuit mode - There are a series of different races that you can be in, all with different levels of difficulty and different ways of winning. After each lap, the last car is taken out of the race until the final lap when (hopefully) you win. Also there's normal racing, and racing by yourself to beat a given time. Hot Pursuit would have to be the most enjoyable mode of the game. All Hot Pursuit races have cops out to get you. The further down the list you get, the more cops will try to get you. These involve:

  • Extra police cars (backup). I think I got about 5 ...

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