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Quantum Redshift Review - Xbox

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I don't care what kind of car you drive or where you drive it. I don't care if you pilot rockets to outer space, or if you're a fighter pilot, or some type of bio-engineered cheetah person. You don't go as fast as the ships in Quantum Redshift. There are only a handful of people on Earth who can handle these speeds, who can keep their seats clean when the world outside the cockpit window starts to blur from the sheer extraordinary velocity.

These people are Tara Vivas, Prince Yuri Galitz, Kimuko Nikaido, Zaki Shaheen, Jordan Reynolds, Marcus Appleton, Leah Mathias and Ka Hekili. They are all in the same place for the first time. A world championship has been created for the fastest men and women on Earth. It's never been done before, it's bigger than you. So don't be embarrassed of your unawareness, this championship will explain it all.


Quantum Redshift has taken a leap into a new epoch of racing. From what used to be sauntering along in a rally car, has now turned into throttling along in a ship at speeds well over 1000 kilometres per hour. Yes, it has been done before... But never before have we seen it done so well. There are 5 levels of difficulty, Novice, Amateur, Expert, Master and Redshift. Each difficulty gets harder, and much faster. When competing in the Amateur, Expert, Master or Redshift tournaments, in the final race you'll face a Nemesis challenge - a one-on-one race with your own character's nemesis. Winning any of these tournaments unlocks your characters nemesis to be used in any of the game modes. Quantum Redshift has a story line, hence the need for a nemesis. The story lines are about as pathetic as those in Dead or Alive 3, but it does give the game some significance.

The gameplay in Quantum Redshift is very intense. It takes a while to master taking corners at 800km/h, but you get used to it soon enough. The 4 colour buttons each do their part in helping you in the race. Green gives you turbo boost, Red fires heat seeking ammo, Yellow gives you a protective shield and heels your permanent shield, and Blue is pretty much just a fire button. You can not use these all the time though, you're given turbo once every lap, and you have to find your own fire power and shields throughout the race.

There are 4 different game modes in Quantum Redshift:

  • Tournament - Race through the difficulties to conquer your nemesis and prove you have what it takes to secure the world championship.
  • Time Attack - These isolated training sessions give racers a possibility to sharpen their piloting talents without the disruption of other drivers or armaments.
  • Quick Race - This is a good chance for racers to size each other up and get some rehearsal when not in tournament rivalry ...

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