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Voodoo Vince Review - Xbox

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Games usually consist of attacking an enemy or multiple enemies by a physical means, it's the way gaming has been since its beginning and it still lives strong today, but what if the tables were turned, what if hurting yourself would punish the enemies in a weird twist. Welcome to the reality of Microsoft's latest platformer Voodoo Vince. The cute, loveable ball of cotton and thread, Vince. Having the comical appearance of pins sticking out of his box-shaped head becomes the hero of a story of thief and scandal all over the special zombie dust that brought him to life. Can Vince deliver what Blinx promised?


They didn't muck about with the manual to Voodoo Vince, what we all hope for, a manual that is to the point and doesn't have countless pages of useless information. There's no doubt that the game has been pitched at a younger audience with the simplicity of the book and actual gameplay itself. That isn't to say that it doesn't appeal to the more mature gamer but the Xbox has an image of being more of a mature gamers console with minimal content for the younger gamers, It would appear Vince likes to work to his own rules.

Like most platformer's the control setup is vital. Because they are such open games and allow gamers to wonder at will, if the controls are too complicated it can ruin the experience of actually playing the game. Vince opts for a simple but multiple option control scheme with many different ways to attack enemies or jumping and floating. Being a Voodoo he can damage himself and bring harm to those in the region around, which is weird when the little inhabitants of the area attack they actually hurt you, but when you hurt yourself they get hurt and your none the wiser not losing any health.

Vince's attacks involve a typical punch, a spin attack that isn't as effective as the punch attack and leaves you open to be attacked whilst spinning if you don't time it right. Voodoo Power is the attack we all want to use, but to do so players will have to collect beads that are given up by attacking the native creatures, but killing them you get even more. Once your Skull Icon is full then you're able to utilize the Voodoo Powers, but use them wisely. The Voodoo Power destroys all enemies in a region around Vince leaving you only with a hell of a lot of beads to collect. Voodoo Power Icons that you can collect through the levels gives new Voodoo Powers to Vince.

The levels can be complex in areas and with the game not really giving too much away in the way of being told what to actually do. This seems odd, because of the audience Vince appeals to wouldn't gather a lot from the small amount of information given for the tasks. Licensed to wonder I guess and just doing everything you come across. ... (continued next page)