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Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter Review - Xbox

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PC First-Person Shooters is a very enticing market with the lucrative audience eating up the mass amounts of FPS titles yearly. What sets the good from the bad? What makes any of them different from the other? It's what it takes to make a successful game in a popular and very used genre. First-person shooters are becoming a more seen game on the console; Microsoft's Xbox has played a big hand in this bringing many FPS titles to the console. Beginning with Halo and now with the new breed of shooters coming like Rainbow Six 3, Counter-Strike and SWAT all released or soon to be released, but another FPS Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter is another following the trend of console FPS action. Does it deliver something fresh or are we being given the same old tripe?


Mace Griffin is set in the year 2412 where many things have changed from what we know today; Asteroids are now the living areas of those who once knew home to be planets. The human race is no longer on its own, with two other races living in the scheme of things. So, with society failing and becoming overrun by crime, a team is put together to try and combat the situation by monitoring and keeping in line the three races as they hope cut back on the criminal infestation that has arose.

So will a mix of space combat and first-person shooter style create an alluring mix that will offer gamers a mix of the two? FPS can become the same old thing after a few levels unless its one of the top of its class, whilst breaking this game into two areas it should take those easily bored by the repetitiveness that can occur in FPS titles away and install a appealing advance in aiming to be a more well rounded game. The way the space combat was designed allows you to control the ship shooting at enemies in space but it also allows you to leave the controls and cockpit at anytime you want; you pretty much have complete control of the ship with the ability to utilize the lock on feature and thrusters, but the inability to roam at will definitely is a set back for the game.

The giving season yet Mace Griffin offer's no options in the way of being able to personalize the control of the Bounty Hunter, the inability to change options like the sensitivity of the aiming control. But there has been thought put into the options with the choice to make the aim inverted and the space combat inverted or not, so the two are separate players can set them up as different if they prefer the non-inverted control style in FPS mode but like the inverted flight mode in the space combat mode.

The AI is uneven; the enemy players don't just stand there waiting to be hunted down - well not all; they do make attempts to move around and shoot at you but ... (continued next page)