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Lego Racers 2 Review - PC

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One of the most popular toys among kids is Lego. The small, coloured bricks that are Lego bring endless fun, allowing you to build anything that you wish from scratch - or, if you prefer, build a certain object guided by instructions. In fact, Lego is now so popular that some of the most successful names in entertainment have entered it, such as Star Wars and Harry Potter, allowing you to build famous objects and scenes featured in their movies. Is Lego Racers 2, the sequel to Lego Racers, more fun than building your own racetrack and cars from Lego bricks?


The main game modes in Lego Racers 2 are Adventure, Arcade, Time Attack and Bonus Games. The Adventure mode has you choosing a racer and car and then exploring the game's worlds, progressing by the use of golden bricks won in races and found in secret areas around the worlds. The Arcade mode lets you race on any unlocked track from any world. The Time Attack mode lets you race on any unlocked track from any world, setting and beating your best times. The Bonus Games mode allows you to play any bonus games that you've finished in the Adventure mode - these are found by talking to residents while exploring the worlds and completing tasks for them.

The Adventure mode's story is, unfortunately, very bland. You see a new billboard being placed in your town advertising a racing championship, so you set out to enter it. Your journey is heeded, however, by a group of other townspeople squabbling over who's the fastest racer. After joining in their conversation they each want to race you to prove that they can beat you. After racing them one by one, your friend Sparky seems to think you need yet more practice and, strangely, sends you off to a dinosaur world where you must compete in yet more races before entering the championship.

Fortunately, there is a good side to the Adventure mode. Before beginning you must create a racer and a car. First you have to name your racer, and then you can choose from a selection of heads, torsos and legs to create the body of your racer. Then you have to build your car, or, if you'd prefer, you can choose a pre-built one. You have full control over the building of your car; you can place any available Lego piece on the chassis of your car just as you would with Lego in the real world. It's great fun building a car and racer from scratch, especially since all of the pieces available are authentic pieces that you may even own at home. After progressing to a new world, you're required to build or select a new car that is suited to the world. In the Dinosaur world, for example, you build a car with pieces of the archaeologist Lego series. This is a pointless but nice idea as it introduces new Lego pieces and gets you in the mood for ... (continued next page)